Friday, August 25, 2006

Training Has Commenced

Training has commenced

Ro Soul Jah to go against

Any infidel with or without common sense

A G.U.E.Throwin it down

like a real revolutionary

Climbing mountains like Guevara

Attacking like Fidel at the Moncada

Yellin victory on horseback into SantaClara

AK to the sky as I cross la frontera

La Pachamama es mi Tierra

What I’m talkin’ bout is not a dream

Idealistic babble or blowin’ off steam

It’s the reality that flows through my blood

Since the creator fashioned my people from mud

Yeah from Chavin de Huantar

To revolutionary Red Star

tattoo of a Tumi on my arm

cuz I’m ready to pick up arms

if it’s necessary

yo the creator bless me

that’s the best G

cuz I am free

The tumi is a symbol of sacrifice

Reminds me to be precise

when I give young brothas advice

to start livin like men instead of mice

stop livin your life with a price

over your head hangin from threadz

like Pinocchio wake up yo

cuz we be organized

like KRS One we visualize

not just idealize

cuz like I said it’s more than a dream

this is the supreme extreme

don’t let them fuck with your self-esteem

confidence be the main theme

of this rhyme

cuz we ain’t got the time

to second guess or obsess

listen to the words that I profess

ask yourself how you measure success

never digress from the themes that we express

that’s how we grow out of being oppressed

I ask you hommie are we making progress?

When was the last time you had a conversation

about your own formation and dedication

To building a new world with a new foundation

We be the generation that got the combination

To get rid of them life taking corporations

Yo hommie it’s your obligation

to resist without hesitation

so get used to the situation and

stop livin in isolation

cuz we fighting the occupation

of a capitalist regime

that destroys and makes children scream

cuz they feel hunger every day

while the rest of us sittin at the buffet

ask yourself if that’s okay

or is it a sign of our society in decay

come on I’m not asking you to right an essay

on the topic use logic it’s not cryptic or magic

or mythical like Poseidon or Hades

remember we revolutionaries

Stop living like you the only individual

All that rhetoric that you learned in school

Has made you a fool that follows their rules

While they enjoy the profits of our labour

That’s how they’ve controlled since the time of Cain and Abel

And since then people can’t get it together

Women and men fighting about gender

Each race wants the splendor

Nobody wanting to surrender

but when it don’t happen

Like raging bull “I coulda been a contender”

How did it all spin out of control

How did you end up with that dead soul

Well it’s time for you to check your role

Fuck the public opinion poll

And start getting your life together

Stop talking to people about the weather

and have real conversations

cuz it’s about our common formation

the shift in our collective mentalty

and the ability to think critically


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