Friday, August 25, 2006

Some Dayz

Some dayz when I wake up

I think this is all for what

Shut up and shut out

Of the rest of the world

Tired of trying to make a difference

I ask if it all make sense

But that’s the devil perusing me

Enticing me with material dreams

Dammit some dayz I just wanna get paid

Annoyed cuz it’s been so long

Since I’ve been meaningfully employed

But what can I expect out of a system

Where rejection has no correction

So I continue writing rhymes

Not cuz I believe in getting signed

Cuz my mind can’t be confined

I gotta create or I’ll die

Then I’m reminded of the struggle

And that all of us need to be free

My brothaz say don’t forget that you got me

Those dayz when you wake up to your clock

And you feel like pickin up a glock

Cuz you think your done

Remember you still got some

Sanity left in you

We’re gonna make it through

This oppressive occupation

Don’t give in to your frustration

Cuz we need to be healthy

To confront the system

working out everyday

going to play soccer on Saturdayz

reading about Latin American History

so our minds aren’t clouded in mystery

when it comes to knowing where we from

cuz being latino ain’t just about salsa and drinking rum

Allende said, "La Historia es nuestra y la hacen los pueblos"

I say, "victory is ours as long as we grow"

Never letting the enemy control our mind

No hay pero ciego then those that want to be blind

I have a compañera that holds me down

She make me feel like I be wearin a crown

Not cuz I’m machista but she’s my queen

I have a son who’s the cutest you’ve ever seen

I’d give my life for both them

Cuz they both gems

I always include them in my prayers before I say Amen

Family is the reason we struggle

And we think twice before getting caught up in the hustle

But every month the bills need to be juggled

And that’s why I get tired

Thinking every year that things will change

But it don’t it really is strange

Things get harder and harder

And that’s when I think about givin my life like a matyr

But I ain’t going out like that cuz I’m smarter

Cuz I’m going to fight for my loved ones everyday

Cuz the love they give me I could never betray

So I’m calling all you people that feel the same

If we organize we can destroy the capitalist game

Make people realize the truth and put them to shame

And then our children’s children will tell the story

of how their ancestors overcame

a system that wasn’t really democratic

controlled by fanatics of an antiquated ideology

that had us all believing in their fallacies

dehumanized livin on our knees

consumed by their disease

so I ask you people are you ready to make history


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