Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Self Defense Ain't No Violence

We are the working class

Not waiting for the time to pass

We’ve crashed through the looking glass

Put it in gear and hit the gas

and now we thuggin for the change

Measured the gauge, its time to rearrange

But it starts with what I’m spittin in your ear

the time for you to hear is near

don’t fear and help me put it in second gear

The seer has come, some call me the prophet

Like Isaiah, I’ve come to speak the truth

Infiltrating your mind thru this recording booth

Don’t get me wrong, tooth for a tooth

An eye for an eye only if they make

my children cry out in pain

by their sinister plots to gain

the whole world around them and then some

So brotha question your logic and philosophy

If you don’t want to come to blows, I’ll let you be

But don’t expect me to go out

Without fighting in a bout

For my family and my peeps

Because I am down, it all for keeps

I’m not saying your approach ain’t down

But it ain’t the only noun or sound

In the phonetic exchange of lyrical rounds

Spoken for people to expand their world view

And don’t get me wrong cuz it’s nothing new

It’s about working class poor tryin to get what’s due

I’m talkin bout a few hundred years

Of organizing, blood sweat and tears

And just when they thought they were near

In comes the elite and sets in the fear

Through their menacing ideologies

counter revolutionary theories

Making leaders disappear off the streets

Then they’re found in heaps

and then their families weep

Cause they believed in a better world for all

So you know when I hear that call

You can bet I’ll be packin’ and backin’ y’all.

Tell me do you think they’ll just give it up

Hand over the money so we can live it up

Fuck no so prepare to take it

Put it all on the line and risk it

cuz future generation will come to the line

If your too much of a pussy to even listen to this rhyme

So the time has come to grow some balls

realize that all empires fall

the question is just when

let me tell you it all depends

sista are you ready to work for it

if you are then the time has come to floor it

This shit is in fifth gear and we ain’t stoppin

Bandanas on our face and we poppin

Like AK’s in a Colombian jungle

So step up with the brotha born ready to rumble

Lets get free from all this misery

And start living the life we supposed to be

Children born free of the almighty dollar

If your down girl let me hear you holla

Cause we need to know if you’re with us

You know numbers factor into the success

Of the struggle and the movement

The time has come for improvement

And don’t be afraid cuz I got your back

Let’s start training for the day we be forced to attack


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