Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The man that gave me life is down

A revolutionary then and now

Even though he’s passed on

His life lives on like Jesus

In the Gospel according to John

Not only through me, my brothers and my son

But the coming generation

This is the situation of his reality

Every day he gave his life for his family

Bringing home what was needed

And sometimes what we wanted

Passing on the values

and revolutionary rules

With messages taken straight to the heart

Sometimes with arguments that would tear us apart

He was just one grain now a strong root

Of the tallest tree and the life giving fruit

All praises to mother earth the fertile land

All power to the people

so I raise my hand

Now I take his message

The message of the people

To the ones who don’t listen and can’t perceive

Those who will be sent away

At the last judgment cause they don’t believe

In helping the poor and the oppressed

And treat them like an unwelcome quest

Cause they are obsessed

with their material wealth

which will lead to ill health

I don’t doubt that Zion will come

cuz he taught me to pray the kingdom come

But he also taught me not to follow

a dogmatic institution cause that would be shallow

but to question my faith everyday

so that I would grow in a spiritual way

so that I could be a better warrior

to fight the devils and the creators of war

I’m not ashamed to say it so I will

I love you father and I always will

Every day I’ll fight for the revolution

Speaking my mind giving my contribution

I can’t wait for resurrection day

So you can give me a hug and say it’ll all be okay

And that we have achieved victory

This is our history

You see it’s already been written

To walk into Zion with our heads held high

And cry in the arms of all those with whom we see eye to eye

And gave their lives so that we could be free

To the highest degree

It’s all clear to me now

And I know that’s real

Cause I hear the whispers

Of my father speakin with zeal

From the other side

Sayin crush the economic apartheid

That’s keeping our people poor

Get militant and break down the door

Of injustice and greed

Soon it’ll be your turn to be the seed

And bare fruit to a thousand doves

That will fly through the world spreadin the love

So until that day keep spreadin’ the message

And keep steppin wisely along the narrow passage

And don’t shed a tear my loving son

Cuz soon you will live and we will all be one.


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