Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Any Means Necessary

Yo I spit rhymes of poetic eloquence

Leaving all you brothers and sista’s in suspense

Hanging on my every word

Before I slam dunk it like Larry Byrd

I spit so tight that it’s really absurd

Those that feel my rhymes are cured

Word, I never stumble and never slur

Cause this shit is pure

Never deferred, hearing what you heard

Are you lured into my rhyme

It’s more than Garfunkle’s

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Don’t get left behind

And get caught up in a bind

Living your life in rewind

Cause poetic pauses perpetuate absurdity

This shit is not new to me

I’m revolutionarily sowing ideas culturally

Cause I’ve read Freire n’ Gramci

And I understand the need to be

Creating dialogue about our reality

The exchange of words is the modality

To free ourselves from the formality

of commonality

of the system that destroys our creativity

and perpetuates our idiosyncrasies

yo I smoked their ideology

but it wasn’t the shit

before I swallowed it I hawked and spit

I didn’t buy it cause it wasn’t legit

It wasn’t bout people the least bit

losely knit logic about the market

reverse stock splits and hits

If you don’t believe me have a go at it.

Yo this beat is chrome flowin

Created to enter your dome

to show you what you already known

so put down your phone and scone

and enter my zone and stop acting like a drone

that’s cloned to moan and ask for a loan

the time has come to hold your own

cause this government needs to be overthrown

and we got more than sticks and stones

to crush the bones of "la corporacion"

community savings and loans

could be our Rosetta stone

to economic sovereignty

I kick that back to all you Emcees

go home and ease

and think about how you’ll respond to me

remember that I came to this country as a refugee

so regurgitating speeches from the sixties

won’t put me in a frenzy

Spittin rhymes should communicate ideas

Of how to get rid of our overseers

Tell me do you hears what I’m saying

I’m not playing or swaying

Listen to the reality that I’m portraying

Yo I know this is a democracy

But if you’re lazy and servile you ain’t free

Even without violent coercion you’re a slave

Residing in plato’s cave

Hidden from the real world beyond

People we’ve all been conned

Our lives are being pawned

So I ask you how you gonna respond

cuz it don’t all change with a wave of the wand

You can’t beg for your freedom you need to seize it

By any means necessary you need to keep it


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