Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Alone or Illusion

Alone or is it just an allusion

A vision to forward the confusion

Alienated by the people that surround me

I chase demons away hoping to be free

Like St. Michael I’m ready for battle

To kick it on the mic and be ill

To bomb shit like I be atomic

I’m chronic give me another gin and tonic

Better make it a double I’m trouble

I was born ready to rumble

So don’t fumble cause I’ll touch down

I’ll create a ground zero, I don’t clown

There is no need to watch your back

cuz I’m full frontal with my explosive attack

I’m like cancer in remission

I’ll fuck you up like the Spanish Inquisition

I’ll skin you alive just to get the truth

I’ll raid your safe just to get the proof

Yo go up against my pistola

I’ll make you bleed like you got Ebola

I’m the third world breakin down your door

Not here for charity but to through you to the floor

And say fuck na my people are dying

We trying to be peaceful but you people a lying

You don’t wanna make this world a better place

Cause you to caught up in your mothafuckin rat race

And all the while you destroying the earth

the great mother that gave us our birth

so that each of us could be free

so that’s why I Emcee right in your face

to make you realize you’re a disgrace

Ask me why I’m so fuckin angry

Let me share the reality within me

I was born in the midst of shit

A life taking fascist dictatorship

My family was forced to flee

From death squads and military

Now I live in a foreign culture

I feel like I’m dyin surrounded by vultures

I’m attacked daily by the Eurocentric elite

By every status quo motha fucka I meet

And believe me it’s not subliminal

Or minimal and don’t blame it on the animal

that lives within us ‘cause even animals cooperate

so let us imagine another world that we can create.

Cuz it’s not to late to change our fate

so lets you and me contemplate

I’m here to shake you, wake you

I’m not here to break you

Words are metaphors to open doors

To climb on to shores and strike chords

With harmonic undertones

to keep from living like drones

while others sit on thrones of bones

of children that drowned due to injustice

That’s why the rhymes are colder than ice

To make you realize the role of the dice

Plays with lives that strive to be free

That shout: YA BASTA,


So excuse me as I snatch the mic

and relate the plight of those without rights

Free yourself from the privileged life


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