Friday, August 25, 2006

Vibe of the Soul Jah

Yo here is the vibe of the soul jah

Ro be the one soul that that’ll school ya

The one who gave his life to the people cuz

That was the sole step that authentic wuz

The voice of the people needs to shout out

But we can’t be talkin ‘bout no sixties route

We need to learn what our histo--ries bout

It’s not just about taking the streets to shout

History reminds us to live in simplicity

So with the whole world we can be in solidarity

And learn to organize with subsidiarity

Yes this is the soul jah that’s breakin free

And I believe it is a real possibility

So remember the rhymes that Ro spit

The next time you take another weed hit

And proclaim to yourself that it’s the shit

That the world needs a whole new logic

So dream of new ways to live it

Come on people we talking about justice

Ask your friends if they really need a lexus


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