Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Brother. My Hommie and Me

I roll with a homie who’s last name is U

Ridin in his bronco down whyte Avenue

We be ballin looking for adventure

Smokin the chiba and feelin the cure

Worked hard all week now it’s time to play

Bumpin them tracks, boy that’s the way

Just wantin to have fun and play all day

Hittin the club dancin the night away

End of the night we’d have some sessions

Talk bout shit sharing life’s lessons

We’d met Mr. Giggles many times

Sat around and laughed at all his rhymes

One night Giggles to us to the homeland

Like passin the glass into wonderland

Giggles said I know this Capo that want’s to see ya

And that was the night we met Don Guiguilia

Chua Loco that shit was tight

Let me tell you boy that herb was outta sight

For the first time I got my fill

I felt like the fourth spic part Cypress Hill

That night a bond was created

We weren’t three brotha’s that had been sedated

But instead we were settin fires

3 comrades down like four flat tires

Ready to hold it down for one another

Ready to lay down our lives for each other.

My brother my hommie and me

In the end it’s all about the three

Forged to be tight like the trinity

Never makin’ a move unless we’d all agree X2

We ain’t bad motha fucka’s

We just playin those status quo sucka’s

Who thought they down cause of a Che T-shirt

But weren’t willin to put their hands in the dirt

But some nights we’d hold down for the hood

Representin for all the brotha’s from Mill Woods

One night at a hall party in September

Shit went down and I’ll always remember

I swear that gringo was six foot four

But I had to introduce his head to his truck door

That cracker threatened my hommies Pop

That shit ain’t right so he had to drop

My hommie fucked up his face pop, pop, pop

He was in a rage I didn’t know if he’d stop

Then that cracker jumped into his truck

And all the hommies said what the fuck

Shit was flyin’ each and every way

Before those crackers managed to get away

That night went down in our hoods history

You can’t mess with us we won’t let you be

Cause we comrades not afraid of the fight

Or to stand up for what we know is right

Whether it’s one battle or the whole fuckin war

We’re prepared to fight our way to the shore

And storm that bullet filled beach

Like soldiers at Normandy within hells reach

My brother my hommie and me

In the end it’s all about the three

Forged to be tight like the trinity

Never makin’ a move unless we’d all agree X2

This last verse is dedicated to my bro

Who fights at my side and helps my soul grow

Since we were young he’s looked up to me

But then he became a man and he made me see

I’m not the only old school G

To throw it down

Explicitly defining the common noun

Building a culture of true resistance

With impeccable persistence

Willing to go the distance

With or without my assistance

An attack on my brotha is an attack on me

So don’t wonder when we leave you in the debris

of a fallin tower of a super power whose time has come

that others begin to shy away from

because they know that the revolution is here

lookin to the future like a aeronautical engineer

designin them stealth bombas that go under the radar

pouncing on a victim like they a jaguar

so when shit starts to go down

you know who you’ll see

My brother, my hommie and me.


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