Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Great Power Ready For Battle

Here I am, I’m the great power

Ready to bring down the tower of Babylon

I invoke ancestral spirits

From the earth’s inner core

Through to heavens door

It’s like I died and resurrected

Killed the main frame and ejected

Like you I was confined

Every time I made it to the end

Some motha fucka would push rewind

My freedom began when I parted

From the materialistic code

When the signal hit the node

And I started thinking why am I sinking

Deeper and deeper into an endless cycle

of psychological manipulation

So I caught the signal and built a station

Started listening to guerilla radio

Down with the revolution for sure

Looking for a cure to the pain

Of those shut out due to greed and gain

But then I realized I am the enemy

And like Jesus at Gethsemane I began to pray

Asking God for an answer.

“Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it,

Whoever loses his life will preserve it.”

So here I am and I’m ready for battle

Like I always say ready for the rumble

This shit is bigger than you and me

It’s about good and evil understand and see

Sign up and become a revolutionary

Carry the message on to the masses

The time has come for organized clashes

And I’m not talkin’ about idealism

Anarchism or any other fuckin’ ism

I’m talkin’ ‘bout people and self determination

Education, the life giving water spoke of in revelation

Ya bro it’s the last days

When Judas motha fucka’s will betray

the revolution for a couple of duckets

then realize it and say fuck it

and take their life for denying the truth

So salem aleikum brother

Ya sister, peace be upon you

Face the reality of our collective destiny

Be free, float like a butterfly

And sting like a bee

I be spittin’ this shit with an AK-47

Blessed with a spirit originally from heaven

Reborn a soldier of light

Blessed by the lord and now I stand on his right.

“Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it,

Whoever loses his life will preserve it.”


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